Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Two sides of ONE shoot - Vania Stoyanova

So yesterday the LOVELY Elizabeth May guest posted yesterday about her take on our shooting day mayhem. I gotta say tho in the short 30 minutes we accomplished AWESOMESAUCE!

Here's my take on the day.


The Day:

This is gonna be a huge fangirly post. Goodness me, when Elizabeth asked if I want to come shoot with her. I thought, “Sure I’d just site and watch.” But nah, I got to SHOOT! Ok let me back up a bit.

So yeah, Elizabeth was running late that day after already having rescheduled which was fine since well all of you know I DON’T sleep! So, I kinda got to sleep in…kind of.

But alas, we got in the car. I had NO idea what we were doing, where we were going…. Just went with it. She could have kidnapped me and I wouldn’t have cared. ESPECIALLY after I met Karen. Who was SO sweet, and had the coolest clothes and costumes.

The Clothes:

I agree with Elizabeth, Karen Deputy is so damn talented at what she does. I was in HEAVEN, guys! HEAVEN when she opened the trailer full of clothes. So many unique things and she literally had everything. Hats, belts, feathers, dresses, suspenders, shoes, period style stuff. DRESSES! And you know how much I LOVE dresses. So as you can imagine, Karen and I bonded deeply, as only a stylist and photographer can.

Oh! And not to forget the incredibly gorgeous models, Andrea and Justen who were so adorable, fun and easy to shoot. (Can I please borrow them, Karen?) I was stunned at how AAMZING they were! And my camera loved them just as much!

The Shoot:

I think at one point I happened to glance back and see Elizabeth hanging back… I got to excited I started hogging the shoot. We moved around shooting different variations of scenes and Justen and Andrea were such sports with whatever we asked them to do. There was a lot of “Andrea, wait! Don’t kiss him yet! Not YET!” It was fun bringing our story –a wealthy Victorian lady meeting up with her poor, but totally hot lover!

The Editing:

Unlike Elizabeth, editing doesn’t take that long. I use a few actions, or rather bits and pieces of actions. I let the photos tell me what to do. What kind of mood I want to portray. Sometimes it’s just black and white, sometimes it screams “summer” and sometimes it wants to pop (like her eyes). I love color and I like softness. (Most of the time.) So my images 9 times out of 10 will have a soft romantic look to them. This was especially true with this set. What I LOVE about Elizabeth’s editing is the consistency and the details she retains. I am too impatient to keep just ONE look. Hahaha

SO here are my photos from the session. I will post our two variations of the same scenario tomorrow so you can see her side and my side next to each other.







  1. Oh, goodness! These photos are absolutely beautiful! They're stunning, magical, inspiring, romantic, and just plain gorgeous! As always, amazing work!

  2. Aw! You are too sweet! It was a super fun day even with all the driving lol! I absolutely love the two perspectives. You both tell such different stories in the photos.
    Come back to play soon!

  3. Beautiful!
    You have some talent!

  4. No no wait
    You have A LOT of talent :)

  5. These photos are absolutly AMAZING!!! Love the dress!