Thursday, December 30, 2010

Cirque Du Soleil- OVO

My love for Cirque Du Soleil stems from my obsession with circuses. Who isn't fascinated by the pretty lights, colorful costumes, the music and the acts? I am in awe of anyone who can contort their body so their legs and arms are parallel. Or those who go flying through the air, only to land safely in their partners arms.

A few years back, Varekai was touring and sadly I couldn't make the show but what I could afford was a DVD of it and you bet I bought it watched it a few times and FELL IN LOVE.

Varekai is the story of Icarus but Cirque Du Soleil style.

Pretty boy, no? Icarus, ladies and gents.

But what Cirque does Oh so well, is make a magical experience with every show. They combine the acrobatic acts with characters and story, then pair that with gorgeous costumes and lights then sprinkle it with truly original and captivating music and you get Cirque Du Soleil.
Last night, at OVO I noticed that even the musicians area was roped off in pretty metal work. Who sees the musicians? But no, their attention to detail is impeccable and no wonder, with 25+ years of shows they know what is magical to the viewer and they give us just that.

I will admit that in my mild obsession with Varekai I learned what every creative person will drool at: Cirque goes out, finds talent that excels at something cool and then gives them free reign to come up with a cool act. Did you hear that, creative freedom? The acrobats and talent are there from the start of a production's conception to come with acts, the props involved, and therefore the story of the show.

So last night's OVO.... It was no different. A wonderful experience of colors and lights and flying, moving creatures. Loved the costumes that resembled bugs. And loved every single act, especially the ants (and their feet) and the loose rope walker. Yes, I said loose and by gosh darn it, he was amazing!
There were a few times, especially at the fabric-butterly act, where I found myself needing to grab my camera and start shooting away. The lights with the movements were a feast for my eyes. I couldn't get enough.

But with that said, I will say the one negative I had: the story was lacking. Previous shows had a plot that moved through and with the acts but OVO was just not quite all there with the concept. In fact, I had to come home and search what the meaning of the OVO- or egg was. I didn't see its significance and wished there was more of that magical storytelling the way Varekai and Kooza and others before it conveyed.

Despite the fact that even my mother and brother weren't impressed I was still completely impressed and enchanted and would go see it another dozen times if I could. In fact, I will see every show they ever put on and will one day make my way to Los Vegas to see the famous "O" production.

But don't take my word for it, check out some clips and the trailer for this production.

Cirque Shows coming to Atlanta soon:


  1. That trampoline thing is AWESOME! Looks like so much fun!

  2. I am a Cirque du Soleil fanatic! My car is named Soleil & I wouldn't doubt it if I somehow found a way to work that name into a future child's name. :)
    Loved your review! I've never seen Ovo, but I have seen 6 of their other shows. I highly recommend seeing Mystére if you go to Vegas. I'm pretty sure it was the first CdS show & it was also my first and still my favorite! (Not that I have anything against "O" because that was absolutely magical as well.) =]

  3. Have you ever seen 'Ka' - it's my favorite of their's to date plus it has a gorgeous and moving story.

  4. I watched Varekai a while back in the Royal Albert Hall in London (I organized a group outing for my old company!). It was fantastic!