Sunday, February 13, 2011

What's your goals?

"What are you all hoping to accomplish this year, artistically (or writerly, or whatever else you are fond of)?"

I saw this question on my friend and fellow photographer, Elizabeth May's FB page and I got to thinking...

In recent conversations I've come to realize I've been dang lucky. I've somehow still held onto my love of the captured image, still have managed to keep up creatively, still managed to keep shooting.

I still remember the first photos I took with my Dad's old point and shoot. Back when we used colored film. Kodak, specifically. Back when I admired my Dad's old black and whites from when we were kids. Back when he was teaching ME to shoot.

Oh how he got mad at me wasting all that film for "nothing" but those first few shots I took from the stolen camera during my lonesome and boring afternoon home from school were the first moments where I knew I wanted to shoot for the rest of my life. It wasn't anything special but a few shots of leaves and bark. But the fact is I was able to shoot something I LOOKED for. I was allowed to be creative.

After high school, and after taking photo classes, when my parents oh so kindly asked what I wanted to do in college, they were being hopeful... No, not hopeful I WILL go to college but hopeful I wouldn't choose photography. Fact is, they knew. They knew I had a love for it since I had already started taking portraits and was assisting a wedding photography couple. They were being very hopeful that I'd choose accounting, but let's face it, I am not one for numbers OR organization. I don't know where they got the notion I'd be remotely decent at it.

But while photography has taken me on a journey from portraits, to babies to weddings to event photography to now book trailers of all things, I am left wondering what the future will bring. I've had a twistedly good year and as I am about to crouch upon my 2 years of book trailers, I cannot imagine what comes next. But most importantly I have all of you to thank. All of you have been so patient with me, have been so gracious to put up with me and my crazy ideas, all of you who've been so forgiving and amazing all around. I've worked with amazing marketing teams and have been fortunate to be part of some way awesome schemes. I've had the privilege of working with the likes of Melissa de la Cruz and Cassandra Clare, to be in company with Melissa Marr and Kelley Armstrong and to have repeat encounters with friends like Kami Garcia (I still don't know why she puts up with me, but I love her for it!). I truly value the time and the opportunities they've given me, but most importantly for giving me a shot.

I wouldn't be here with that "shot" without that first shot with my dingy point and shoot in middle school, with that "shot" in high school when I aced the AP in photo, with that "shot" I took doing weddings or even that "shot" I took when starting book trailers.

So we'll see what this year and the next few years brings. But I do have a few goals in mind (as the original question from Elizabeth posed.)

1) GRADUATE already. Yes, believe it or not I am still in school, finishing my BFA in photo but with my severe case of senioritis ... well, let's just say it's an uphill battle.
2) Enjoy the people around me more. After my grandpa's passing and realizing that a few thousand miles can break one's heart... I've realized I need to treasure those around me more. I love you!
3) Enjoy my life. I work so hard and so long that I forget I need to take a day off. Running your own business a lot of times means working 24/7 and no vacations.
4) Meet new people. I love traveling and I love meeting new people. So hope this is the year we meet. Let's have some coffee.
5) Keep doing what I love. I had so much fun last year with all the trailers and events and traveling that I hope this year is just as fun. Here's to a great year and happy occurrences.

So what are YOUR goals this year? What do you hope to accomplish authors, bloggers, photographer and readers?


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  2. Thank you for a beautiful post and a reminder to some of us to allow our kids the use of our cameras. My 6th grader wants to be a movie director and has borrowed my flip for the better part of this year. I hope his artistic journey takes him down a creative path similar to yours. Congratulations Vania! Wishing you many, many years of success!!

  3. Loved reading about your journey using your dads camera!

    As for my goals, make better use of my time, and spend quality time with the kids. Oh, and to have you take our blogger pics while in NY at BEA!

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  5. An inspiring story! Thank you for sharing it :) I must admit that #3 & 4 strike home for me right now too

  6. Is it bad to just wish for happiness? And a good year full of progress for my newly diagnosed autistic son who just turned two. Simply joy and happiness for him is my greatest wish.

  7. Your beautifully written post, will inspire all. It has certainly done so to myself.
    My goals are currently on track. My debut novel, is to be released this year and I am about to shake up the vampire book lovers ideas of a vampire story. Perhaps I will get you to create my, one of your brilliant book trailers... :)